hum Kreislaufwirtschaft Diagramm

Circular economy for hum!

A regenerative circular economy is the big goal, we at hum strive for 100% recycling of all materials.

For us, the consideration was to produce the best possible product with a certain use of resources and to avoid as much waste in production as possible. Which is why hum , in Kvadrat , relies on a very good fabric manufacturer that guarantees durability . We have the cushions sewn in Germany for the quick opportunity to optimize quality and processes. For high-quality processing and a durable product .

It is important to us that all materials ordered are used or reused. No resources should be wasted. The unusable small scraps of fabric go back to the yarn manufacturer.

hum Stoffe von Kvadrat Textil

Material recycling

To make the new indoor cushions , we use leftover fabric from the furniture industry . These are high-quality and new materials, but are too small to make a sofa out of, for example. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to recycle all materials, especially textiles made from multiple materials. So we will use these fabrics and make beautiful pillows .

hum patchwork kissen für draußen

hum patchwork pillow

The patchwork cushions are made from leftover fabric from the Atrium and Patio .

hum Stoffmuster für den Versand

fabric pattern

Order fabric samples in advance. Here we want to create added value and avoid waste and returns. So that you can enjoy your hum pillow for a long time.

The samples are the smaller offcuts that occur in production. The residues can therefore have different sizes.

hum Patchwork-Kissen Produktion in Deutschland, Upcycling


Our limited edition hum patchwork cushions are made from the larger leftover fabrics.

These remnants of fabric are collected during production and sewn together in a complex process.

The cushions will be limited because we try to use the cushion cut as optimally as possible in production.

Each pillow is unique.

hum kreislaufwirtschaft


The very small scraps of fabric that we cannot use are sorted out for recycling.


The Trevira CS fabric of our hum outdoor cushions is 100% recyclable , which is a big advantage of polyester .

Return and recycling :

Trevira has a recycling concept for used Trevira CS fabrics – these are a valuable raw material and can be put to a meaningful new use as part of a take-back and recycling concept. Possible areas of application are, for example, materials for insulating or soundproofing products - conceivable is, among other things, the use in acoustic panels in office and conference areas, in hotels and restaurants as well as in public buildings.

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