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Sustainability for hum!

For us at hum it was always clear and also a heart's desire to produce in Germany . The main thing here is the local support of our local businesses, the know-how and the many people behind every product. The short delivery routes and low CO2 consumption are very good side effects.

The other important point is the quality of the materials, here we wanted to use only the best. Basically it is like a jigsaw puzzle, a pillow (like any other product) consists of many individual parts. We at hum have not only thought through every step with care, but also what materials we want to use and what can be dispensed with. Are these individual parts still produced in Europe or in Germany and does that meet our requirements?

The task was not nearly as easy as initially thought. In recent years, a lot of production and know-how has been relocated to Asia. So we did a lot of research and had some discussions.

hum Outdoor Stoff von ganz nahem

The outer fabric

The Danish brand Kvadrat was chosen for the most important part of the cushion , the outer fabric. A well-known company among designers that produces excellent fabrics . What is special about Kvadrat is that the fabrics have a unique range of colors and patterns. These are made in Holland under strict sustainable and high quality guidelines. Our Patio and Atrium cushion fabrics made from Trevira CS are Greenguard Gold certified.

hum kissen stoffe

The textile

We partly reuse materials from the furniture industry . These are high-quality and new materials, but for example they are too small or are no longer needed. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to recycle all materials, especially textiles made from multiple materials. This means we can use these beautiful fabrics for great new pillows and thereby avoid waste and new production.

hum Innenkissen wird hergestellt in Deutschland.

The inner cushions

The inner cushions are made in Germany , at a long-established craft business in Bavaria. Here, too, the local proximity and the quality were decisive, a perfect symbiosis between softness, bulk and processing. The filling material made of polyester and the cover are fully Oeko Tex 100 certified . The fabrics have a long service life and are reusable, recyclable.

hum Reißverschluss wird eingenäht

The zipper

When it came to the zip, it was important to us that it was easy to use and that the seams were covered. Concealed seams mean that the zip is sewn into the pillow in such a way that it is hardly visible at the end and the pillow remains protected all around by the fabric.

hum Patio Outdoor-Kissen stehen in einer Reihe

Made in Germany

As I said, right from the start we wanted our cushions to be "Made in Germany" . For this to happen, the production has to be in Germany , for which a number of hurdles had to be overcome. Ultimately, after many manufactured sample cushions , we managed to find the right partner and that we now have our cushions sewn in Saxony and Hamburg.

When it came to the packaging, the sustainable idea was to do without everything that was unnecessary, after all it’s about the pillow . Completely plastic-free , no unnecessary tags and the packaging should fit perfectly. The box or mailer is designed to secure the pillow during transit. We have opted for renewable and ecologically harmless paper/cardboard. Shipping is via DHL GoGreen and dpd.

Our location

Our warehouse and office are in Lower Saxony .

As you can see, sustainability includes a whole range of aspects - we try to think about and align every step of our actions accordingly. What is particularly important to you?

For us , sustainability begins with the design. Timeless, classic, still up-to-date even after years ... let yourself be inspired!

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