how it all started

It all started when we were excited to look for cushions for our new outdoor sofa . But then we didn't find what we had in mind: functional , comfortable and attractively designed cushions for outdoors . The selection of sizes, colors and fabrics did not convince us either. What to do? Our passion as a product developer was awakened!

We researched fabrics and designs. We looked for competent partners – and designed the first samples. Realizing our ideas of quality, feel, design and sustainability was not easy. Several attempts later, we held the first pillow in our hands that met all of our goals. It was the birth of hum!

hum outdoor-kissen draußen auf der Terrasse

hum has convinced

Enthusiastic reactions from friends confirmed us: We are not alone with our idea of ​​timelessly beautiful things that inspire sustainable. It is this claim that is in every hum pillow , just like the concept behind it: sustainably manufactured in Germany , environmentally friendly packaging and delivery. So that you can enjoy the most beautiful moments at your favorite places with an all-round good feeling.

hum Gründer Helen und Michael

About the founders

Helen and Michael Rolfe have been involved in product development for over 20 years. Both bring their international expertise to hum and have clear ideas about design, sustainability and quality.

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