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There is no question that the right care can make a decisive contribution to ensuring that you can enjoy your textile product for as long as possible. But that is by far not the only aspect. After all, care accounts for 40% of its ecological impact over its entire lifespan. A long service life helps to save energy and improve the climate balance. Customers can make a significant contribution to this. How?

The simplest and at the same time most important point is to follow the manufacturer's care instructions. This provides information on how the textiles should be properly cared for so that the quality is maintained and the customer has something of the product for a long time. Extending the life of the textile saves energy and improves the climate balance.

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care instructions

You can find the care instructions for the Patio and Atrium on the inside of the zipper on our cushions.

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Regular grooming

hum cushions are made with care and love to give you many relaxing moments of happiness. However, in order to guarantee the best appearance and longevity in the long term, all upholstery fabrics should be cleaned regularly. Dust and dirt contribute to material wear and impair the fire-retardant properties of the textiles. The material should be vacuumed off often - ideally once a week - at half the suction power. Do not wash the cushion cover unnecessarily often, this helps to optimize the CO2 balance.

hum Patio Outdoor Stoff ist wasserbeständig

stain removal

If you act quickly, the formation of stains can be avoided as far as possible. First carefully remove dried residues and vacuum off loose particles. It is best to soak up liquids with paper or textile towels. Grease and oil-free stains should be removed by gently dabbing with a lint-free cloth or sponge dampened with warm water. The dabbing should be carried out toward the center of the stain in a circular motion to avoid ugly wreaths. Please remove greasy or oily stains with appropriate cleaning agents or solvents. It is best to try stain removers on an inconspicuous area first to ensure that no unwanted effects occur. The tips listed here are recommendations only and do not guarantee complete stain removal. We recommend contacting a professional cleaning company in all cases.

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inner cushion

You can wash the inner cushion by hand at max. 30 °C or in the machine with a special hand wash program.

After washing, it is best to lay the inner pillow flat and let it air dry.

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Regular care and cleaning removes dirt before it can settle in the fabric and damage the fibers. The service life of the textile is thus extended, which also leads to a reduction in repair, replacement and disposal costs.

care instructions

The removable covers made of Trevira CS material can be machine washed at a maximum of 30ºC on a gentle cycle. Only use detergent for colored fabrics and stick to the recommended dosage. Turn the covers inside out (inside out) and fill the machine only halfway. Covers should be hung out to dry or laid flat. Preferably outside in the fresh air, that saves energy and the cover lasts longer.

The fabric of the hum outdoor cushions already has its own impregnation, which makes it so resistant to the weather. An additional further impregnation is not necessary and even risky, since it impairs the fire-retardant properties of the material.

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